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Juila G. Benkoski

Attorney,Credentialed Distinguished Mediator,
Commercial Arbitrator


Working with a mid-sized Austin firm and then for the State Bar of Texas, I practiced civil litigation at the beginning of my legal career. And then personal crises struck. In and out of hospitals and operating rooms, I faced death square in the eyes three times. I fought back and won with the help of wonderful medical caregivers and my devoted husband, Harold. It was time to return to my career.

When my father passed away, I was forced to find an attorney to probate his will and provide a new estate plan for my mother. I knew then that I could do better. And I knew what it felt like to live through real life emergencies and the need for appropriate documents such as powers of attorney and other life estate planning ‘ancillary’ documents as well as testamentary documents. I understood what my clients were facing and living with, both during life and after the deaths of loved ones.  

Establishing my own law practice and focusing my services in estate planning, probate, guardianships, related litigation and peacemaking, I was confident I had found my niche. I bring real life experiences, a wealth of courtroom and office experiences, varied skill sets, and all tempered with compassion and intense ‘active listening’ skills that provide the core values and foundation for ‘The Law Office of Julia G. Benkoski, PC.’  

The Law Office of Julia G. Benkoski PC provides client focused, experienced, competent legal services in the areas of estate planning, trusts, probate, guardianships, fiduciary litigation and conflict resolution, mediation and arbitration services. These services guide the law firm’s mission:

*Obtaining comprehensive, annual continuing legal education for cutting edge knowledge in these service areas;

*Providing a core value system based on integrity and personal longstanding attorney-client relationships;

*Focusing on careful analytical skills necessary to draft realistic estate plans that will protect the client’s family and/or business entities;

*Actively listening to the client in order to discern the underlying interests and positions when threatened with disruptive and expensive conflict, possible litigation;

*Providing compassionate, personal legal services for all clients but especially so when elders and other vulnerable family members or friends are in need of guardianships or other legal services;

*And to always be available to my clients; I work for you, you do not work for me!