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Juila G. Benkoski

Attorney,Credentialed Distinguished Mediator,
Commercial Arbitrator


1. ar·bi·tra·tionˌärbiˈtrāSHən/noun
noun: arbitration; plural noun: arbitrations

  1. the use of an arbitrator to settle a dispute.
synonyms: adjudicationjudgmentarbitrament; More
mediation, mediatorship, conciliationsettlementintervention
“the council called for arbitration to settle the dispute”

Studying with and training under the American Bar Association arbitration experts, Julia obtained her arbitration training in Philadelphia after becoming a mediator.  Wanting to broaden her dispute resolution skills and tools, she felt that training to become an arbitrator would allow her to assist more people with conflict resolution.  A far different process than mediation, Julia found the detailed, procedural guidelines to be mentally challenging and exciting.  With this tool she quickly learned that she would be enabled to provide assistance to businesses and other entities who had become contractually bound to the arbitration process for conflict resolution.  Whether a court ordered arbitration or a result of agreement, Julia can and does travel to the location which is most convenient for the parties to arbitrate a case. 

With a varied and extensive civil litigation background, Julia looks forward to working with you and your associates to resolve the conflict and restore peace to the business and its people who make it successful.