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Juila G. Benkoski

Attorney,Credentialed Distinguished Mediator,
Commercial Arbitrator

Gun Trust

Gun ownership speaks to basic concepts of freedom, individual liberty and other basic rights; it is a wide and diverse part of our American heritage and culture. Sport shooting and hunting have been a part of many American families throughout generations. Now, more than ever before, it is crucial that your firearms are protected, and you knowingly abide by our state and national laws regarding their transfer of ownership and possession. But gun possession creates risks in our legal system without even pulling the trigger. A confusing array of local, state and federal laws expose the unwary to commission of the ‘accidental felony.’ Let me help you with the creation of your gun trust. Avoid the quick, cheap ‘gun trust mills’ that provide inadequate language and lack the creation of the necessary attorney-client relationship and privilege necessary to protect you, your firearms, and your family or business legacy.